Get Local, Pre-qualified Prospects Delivered Directly To You

This only seems TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE… until you SEE how it works.
Then it makes PERFECT SENSE!

IMAGINE being able to hand-select up to 5 telephone area codes as your targeted local area.

 Then, receive as many pre-qualified prospects as you want. These leads are ALL people who have ‘raised their hands to show they are interested in a Home-Based Business.

This is PERFECT for when you want to meet your prospects in person or invite them to an upcoming meeting in a local area.  Just THINK how big and profitable your team would be if you could have brand new guests at every company event around the country. WOW!!

GETTING THESE LEADS IS FAR BETTER than the hit-or-miss strategy of running ads in a local paper or online forum.

You don’t waste your money or your time writing and testing different ads to see what works. And it’s OBVIOUSLY far more effective that trying to work referrals, because you don’t waste crazy amounts of time trying to reach and then qualify people who may have zero interest.

This is CLEARLY SUPERIOR because we have literally done ALL the work in advance.

You get to focus on contacting and then making presentations to people who have already said they’re interested in a Home-Based Business. What could be better? No prospecting. No guessing. Just contact people who have already shown they are interested and make your presentation.

This is how others are using these pre-qualified local leads now:

Here’s How It Works.


Every day at about 5:00 pm eastern we deliver your leads directly to you in your back office.

With Each Lead You Get All This:

✅ Name
✅ IP Address
✅ Date lead was generated

It’s important to note that these leads are the very definition of ‘Fresh’, as they were generated from 0 to 48 HOURS AGO.

EXCLUSIVE LEADS: Each Area Code Lead is exclusive.  That means it is NOT shared with anyone else as an Area Code Lead.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Package 1

$99 / One Time Purchase
  • 125 Leads @ $.79/Lead
  • +10% Overage

Package 2

$173 / One Time Purchase
  • 250 Leads @ $.69/Lead
  • +10% Overage

Package 3

$295 / One Time Purchase
  • 500 Leads @ $.59/Lead
  • +10% Overage

Heavy Package 4

$490 / One Time Purchase
  • 1000 Leads @$.49/Lead
  • +10% Overage

Mini Training Course with video and PDF's

Before You Start Contacting Your Leads Please Watch These Video’s

Hello And Welcome to our Training Modules

[MODULE 1] The Best Ways To Contact Your Leads

[MODULE 2] THE EASY WAY TO CLOSE YOUR PROSPECTS After They’ve watched your Presentation

Best Ways to Contact your Leads…Scripts and More!
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Closing Prospects with the Right Six Questions after they have Watched a Presentation.
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